mixing degu with other animals?

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mixing degu with other animals?

Berichtdoor breckjensen » zo 01 okt, 2017 19:09


my very friendly degu lost his friend yesterday. we were looking at putting a gerbil in with him. he isn't at all territorial and isn't coping on his own. his cage is big (enough for 10 degus so definitely enough for him and a gerbil.) and we could adjust him to fit both of them. could this work?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
http://www.paw-talk.net/forums/f12/mixi ... 62135.html
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Re: mixing degu with other animals?

Berichtdoor Evelyne » ma 02 okt, 2017 05:07

They don't have de same food and the same rhythm of life.
Don't put strange animals together
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